Becky Grismer

Becky Grismer's sculptures are created with tree bark, clay, and other materials found in nature. Her figures explore themes relating to human experience, personal growth and transformation. 


Her tree bark figures are created by making a base with a few larger pieces of bark, which are often elm, boxelder, or maple. "I then work my way up to the top of the figure, sculpting the body and head with smaller pieces of ponderosa pine."  The headpieces are created using dried berries, stones, seeds, and other materials gathered from nature. Once the sculpture is complete, it is submerged in acrylic polyurethane to seal the natural materials, preventing them from becoming brittle or decomposing over time.


Her ceramic sculptures are  individually hand-built using various clays. They are fired in a kiln where the surfaces recieve glazes and oxides for various effects. Once the sculptures have been fired, natural materials are attached and the pieces are cold finished with combinations of stains, acrylic washes, and polyurethane.


Becky was born and raised on the plains of eastern South Dakota, and received her B.A. in Fine Art in 2002. She lives in the Black Hills.

Warrior's Work & Ben West Gallery

277 Main Street  Hill City, SD  57745

(605) 574-4954

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