Sarah Rogers

"My family moved to central Florida when I was five. Down a nearby sand road, there lived an ancient (or so it seemed to me then) woman who grew bananas and had built a fireplace in her tiny living room. The fireplace was made out of cement and completely covered with shells and sand dollars that she had collected and imbedded in the cement. I have never forgotten that fireplace...or the woman...I think it was the first piece of art that I recognized as such. Though my father was a very creative man, my mother influenced me the most. Both parents insisted that we be true to ourselves and follow our hearts. During my second year of college, when I realized I was unhappy with my choice of pre-med studies, it was my mother's voice that made me decide to try the college of architecture and fine art. Do what's right for you!  I can still hear her say."


Sarah sometimes describes her work as "tropical Western wildlife" because of her hot-colored Rocky Mountain area animals. Her medium is watercolor, usually combined with graphite. She applies several layers of heavy color to create the bright tones. 


Henry Miller said, "To paint is to love again, and to love is to live life to the fullest."




Warrior's Work & Ben West Gallery

277 Main Street  Hill City, SD  57745

(605) 574-4954

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