Sue Quinlan

During college she studied mold making with a nationally known expert. After successfully molding plaster images of artifacts, Quinlan wanted to mold with a more robust and permanent material.  She chose concrete, which required a method change.  Her success with this new technique allowed her to create her own permanent images of ancient artifacts, which she incorporates in her re-purposed steel and concrete sculptures. 


Maybe I should have been an Archeologist?” wonders Quinlan.  She is drawn to artifacts, which are a major influence in her work.  She sees them as expressions of life’s ubiquitous events.  Despite our inability to know what art meant to ancient people it is clear that birth, sexuality, family, aging, and death are humanities shared experiences.  


Quinlan is also inspired by the unknown stories she sees written on faces.   She looks for stories behind the expressions and lines of the faces she sees.  We all walk a similar path, but the influences of culture and experience can be seen on the facade.

Warrior's Work & Ben West Gallery

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